Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L IS USM

Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L IS USM


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Laadukas L-sarjan zoom-objektiivi, jossa on muuttumaton f/4-valovoima ja kuvanvakain, sopii hyvin urheilukuvaukseen ja käsivaralta kuvaamiseen. Suodinkierre 67mm, vastavalosuoja ET-74 kuuluu hintaan. Takuu 2 vuotta.

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Canon Virtual Kit -kampanja: Jos ostat tai olet ostanut 90 päivän sisällä tämän objektiivin ja kampanjaan kuuluvan kameran, saat 80 € rahaa tilillesi. Katso kampanjan tiedot kampanjasivulta.

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4-stop IS

The EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM features the world’s first 4-stop Image Stabilizer (IS). Ideal for handheld work, the exceptionally accurate and sensitive IS negates the need for a tripod in many conditions. Shutter speeds up to 4 stops slower than would be otherwise possible (e.g. 1/15 sec instead of 1/200) can be used with no perceptible increase in image blur. For stabilised panning, IS Mode 2 corrects only for unwanted vertical shake.

L-series quality

The lens embodies Canon’s highest standards of L-series optics, build quality, reliability and operability. Crisp, high contrast image quality is assured right across the frame and throughout the entire zoom range. A reliable partner in tough conditions, the metal and polycarbonate construction features special environmental seals to prevent the ingress of dust and moisture.


With a length of just 172mm and weighing only 760g, the EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM is ideal for assignments where there is a need to travel light without compromising performance, operability or image quality.

Fixed aperture

With no change in aperture over the full focal length range, photographers can set exposure at the widest aperture and zoom through to 200mm without slowing shutter speed. Lens length remains constant during zooming and focusing.

Fluorite and UD lens elements

The lens incorporates a single Fluorite and two UD (ultra-low dispersion glass) lens elements to suppress secondary chromatic aberrations. The result is crisp, high contrast, undistorted images throughout the entire zoom range, without colour fringing at subject outlines.

Auto focus

A Ring-type USM (Ultrasonic motor) delivers responsive, high-speed, silent auto focus. Holding torque is excellent, stopping the focus lens group with precision and without overshoot. Full time manual focus override is available without switching out of AF. Minimum focus distance is 1.2m throughout the zoom range.

Super Spectra coatings

Optimised Super Spectra coatings and lens element shaping suppress flare and ghosting. Coatings also help achieve true colour balance and increase contrast.

Pleasing background blur

The Electro Magnetic Diaphragm (EMD) features an almost perfectly circular aperture to create an even and attractive blur from out-of-focus backgrounds.

Suurennus loittorenkaalla EF12II: 0,23-0,06
Suurennus loittorenkaalla EF25II: 0,42-0,14
Telejatke: kyllä
Jalustapanta: A II (W)

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