Benro Master 100x100mm ND1000 -harmaasuodin, -10 aukkoa

Benro Master 100x100mm ND1000 -harmaasuodin, -10 aukkoa


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100x100mm optisesta HD-lasista valmistettu suodatin. Sopii Benron, Leen, Nisin ja Rollein 100mm suotimille tarkoitettuun telineeseen.

Tuotetunnus (SKU): 60MAND10001010
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Master Series Glass Filters

Benro’s Master Series Glass Filters have been created to offer the finest quality and optimum clarity of any filters currently available. Optical quality glass is imported from German glass-maker Schott, before being finished with proprietary coatings formulated specifically to meet our exacting standards for colour neutrality. We test every Master Series filter by hand to ensure it meets the optical qualities required to be called a Master Series Filter.

German Schott Optical Glass has been selected due to its superior optical performance, high light transmission and stable optical properties. In order to reduce reflections on the surface of our filters, and to prevent glare occurring between the lens and filter, Master Filters are given a special reflection absorption coating. This reduces the reflection properties of our filters to less than 1.5%.

In order to reduce the redish – orange colour shift in images, which can be caused by infrared light pollution, Benro Master Series Filters are coated with an anti-reflection treatment. This bespoke coating cancels out infrared light waves before they can enter the camera sensor. Our advanced coating technology neutralises Infrared light waves resulting in ultra low colour shift and high light transmission.

A waterproof, multi-layered (nano) coating with anti-scratch protection is applied to all Master Series Glass filters. By adopting the most advanced, ultra smooth WMC technology on the surface of each Master Filter, they are protected from almost everything nature can throw at them, with no effect on the clarity of images captured. The hydrophobic qualities of the coating keep the surface free of dust, oils and liquids and make the filters highly scratch resistant.

High Definition optical technology has resulted in a precisely ground optical glass, which ensures that filter surfaces are clear and parallel. Perfectly balanced surfaces allow light entering the lens to do so evenly, maximizing image capture quality and light transmission through the filter. A special ultra-low chromatic aberration clear coating prevents light reflection and improves light transmission, resulting in better quality images.

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